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I’m Dr Lauretta Ihonor BSc, MBBS, MA - a doctor, health journalist and healthy eating advocate.

I don't know about you, but I can't deny that I'm sick of diet myths, expensive and pointless health food trends, snake oil diet products and conflicting health and nutrition advice that's' based on pseudoscience - a.k.a total bullsh*t.

Having helped numerous women across the globe escape from the exhausting cycle of trying and failing to get healthy, there's one thing I know:

eating a healthy diet and living a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be complicated, frustrating, expensive and unsustainable.

Yet, that's how so many women feel, and that's down to the crazy (and fast-growing) amount of misleading health advice and ineffective fads out there.

If you want to take the unnecessary complication out of healthy eating  AND are sick of being misled by claims that every new superfood, supplement, diet, or total body detox is the answer to your weight, health and body woes, get comfy because this site has been created for YOU.

My blogs, videos, newsletter and other website resources have one goal:

to put YOU in control of what you're eating by bringing you the unfiltered hype-free facts about popular health advice, foods and diets.

I think it’s time for fact-based health solutions to take centre stage and prove there's a natural healthy eater in every single one of us.



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