Are you a health/nutrition company or brand that is:

★ Looking to stand out within the health industry by maximising product efficacy?

★ Passionate about establishing a scientifically-validated health/nutrition or weight loss product you can stand behind?

★ Focused on health product development and seeking advice/support on identifying novel mechanisms of action to set your product apart from others on the market

★ Struggling to boost the efficacy of your health/nutrition product

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I had the pleasure of working with Dr Lauretta for the launch of Ad Virtus UK. Guests were inspired and felt they had learned a lot from Dr Lauretta. She was both engaging and straight to the point with her information. Leading up to the event Dr Lauretta had plenty of creative ideas which was refreshing. Both professional and a great person to know, she has been a joy to work with.

Melissa Henry, Founder
Ad Virtus UK, London

Dr Lauretta is an AMAZING! Her expertise is at another level! How many fun, engaging personal health coaches can you find who have an impressive resume grounded in practical experience as a doctor?! She shared her expertise with the women in our She Is Fierce! membership group and they were blown away! I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a real, personalized system to change their health (and their lives!) – and wants to have fun doing it!

Kelly Youngs, Entrepreneur and Emmy-nominated Executive Producer, Global



So you:

★Are exhausted all the time, look far from your best, and feel fatter than ever before, but you just can't stop sabotaging yourself and always end up eating the foods you've sworn off and not exercising like you should 


★ Can't quite get it together and are still depressingly ‘out of control’ around sugary, fatty or salty foods 


★Sort of know what to do and you’ve been trying to do it for years, BUT you're not getting the healthy body results you want


★ Know getting in shape shouldn't be this hard and suspect you're missing the vital piece of information diet companies and plans never tell you


Here's how I can help:

I work 1:1 with women who are ready to stop sabotaging their healthy eating and weight loss efforts. I help you take control of what you're eating so you can create a lean, healthy body that looks and feels great... no fads, exaggerated promises or diet gimmicks.

Instead we'll work closely together to:

✓ Closely analyse your diet to spot and remove the foods that make you gain weight, sap you of energy and drive you to eat junk foods 

✓ Identify the best foods for your body and develop your unique nutrition plan that's designed to boost your metabolism, energy levels and overall well being  

✓ Develop your unique healthy eating style so you naturally say yes and no to food in the right balance 

✓ Identify the science-backed supplements you're currently missing out on that may help optimise your health and body

Email to discuss your needs and how I can support you.

I have been delighted with the plan! It’s all about strategies! You find out what foods your body doesn’t respond well to, which is really insightful.
It also introduced me to a wider variety of foods and helped me see where I have created my own dietary and metabolic issues in the past.
I once again feel in control of my diet and weight goals again.

Alison Mullet, Project Manager
Derbyshire, UK

Working with Dr Lauretta was a life changing experience. She is brilliant and used her expertise to guide me in applying practical approaches to finally get rid of the extra weight I was desperate to lose and regain my overall health. Dr Lauretta is the real deal! She exceeded my expectations and got me the results I desperately needed.

Connecticut, US

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